SPA Wall panels

Read the instructions carefully before the installation of the wall panels

Before installation


  • To avoid deformation in the product, it has to be collocated in a horizontal way.

NB: More instructions on how to install panels in wet spaces can be found at the end of the page


Clean the surface

  • Be sure that the surface is clean and out of greases.

Preparation of the wall

  • ART SPA Wall panels can be installed directly on many surfaces. However, if your wall is porous (concrete, plaster, wood…) we recommend the application of a primer to obtain the best fixation in the wall.

Wall perfect to start working

  • If your wall is not porous (because is not concrete, plaster, wood…), it is ready to start working.



Mark the center of the wall

  • Mark horizontally and vertically the center, you will obtain 4 angles of 90º, this will help to have a reference to put the first tile.


Apply the installation glue

  • Each tile has an adhesive foam with holes for the installation glue to get the optimum adherence. It is recommended to apply installation glue in the 50% or 60% of the holes.


Remove the protector film

  • Take off the auto-adhesive protector paper to stick the tile over the wall.


Stick the tile

  • Collocate the first tile in one of the corners of the marked cross in the center of the wall. Apply during a few seconds a light pressure in the tile from the exterior to the center to get stacked.


Verify that the tile is alienated

  • Check with a leveler that the first tile is alienated with the center.


Mark the center of the following tile


Collocate the following tile alienated with the center of the wall

  • Using the center marked cross and the first tile to get oriented, stick the tile below the first one.


Collocate the following tiles


Measure the necessary cut

  • When installing the last tile, measure the cutting point of the piece of tile needed on the wall.


Cut the excess with a cutter

  • Using a regular tile, mark the space necessary and cut the excess of the tile just with a cutter



Collocate the cut tile

  • Apply installation glue to the holes on the backing and stick the cut tile on the corner.


Shower installation


Clean the surface

  • Clean it with alcohol and be sure that the surface is clean and out of greases.


Apply sealant silicone

  • Apply sealant silicone around the perimeter of each tile before its installation.


Remove excess

  • Remove the excess silicone with the finger