SPA Wall panels

Read the instructions carefully before the installation of the wall panels

Before installation


  • To avoid deformation in the product, it has to be collocated in a horizontal way.

NB: For shower rooms, moisture insulation is always required.

More instructions on how to install panels in wet rooms can be found at the end of the page


Clean the surface

  • Be sure that the surface is clean and out of greases.

Preparation of the wall

  • ART SPA Wall panels can be installed directly on many surfaces. However, if your wall is porous (concrete, plaster, wood…) we recommend the application of a primer to obtain the best fixation in the wall.

Wall perfect to start working

  • If your wall is not porous (because is not concrete, plaster, wood…), it is ready to start working.



Mark the center of the wall

  • Mark horizontally and vertically the center, you will obtain 4 angles of 90º, this will help to have a reference to put the first tile.


Apply the installation glue

  • Each tile has an adhesive foam with holes for the installation glue to get the optimum adherence. It is recommended to apply installation glue in the 50% or 60% of the holes.


Remove the protector film

  • Take off the auto-adhesive protector paper to stick the tile over the wall.


Stick the tile

  • Collocate the first tile in one of the corners of the marked cross in the center of the wall. Apply during a few seconds a light pressure in the tile from the exterior to the center to get stacked.


Verify that the tile is alienated

  • Check with a leveler that the first tile is alienated with the center.


Mark the center of the following tile


Collocate the following tile alienated with the center of the wall

  • Using the center marked cross and the first tile to get oriented, stick the tile below the first one.


Collocate the following tiles


Measure the necessary cut

  • When installing the last tile, measure the cutting point of the piece of tile needed on the wall.


Cut the excess with a cutter

  • Using a regular tile, mark the space necessary and cut the excess of the tile just with a cutter



Collocate the cut tile

  • Apply installation glue to the holes on the backing and stick the cut tile on the corner.


Shower installation

N.B. For shower rooms, moisture insulation is always required.

Clean the surface

  • Clean it with alcohol and be sure that the surface is clean and out of greases.


Apply sealant silicone

  • Apply sealant silicone around the perimeter of each tile before its installation.


Remove excess

  • Remove the excess silicone with the finger

Art spa wall panels maintenance instructions












The coated Easy Cover Pro texture is hard and resistant and does not need to be polished, varnished, waxed or brightened separately.

Additional processing do not improve the longevity of the product or improve its properties.

 Do not use abrasive products or compounds such as ammonia, solvents or other strong substances for cleaning.

These things mentioned above can change product properties such as brightness or color.

If you use other cleaning products, test the suitability of the product first.


Download PDF-file:

Installation of ART SPA Wall panels