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From our product family range you can find solutions for many different interior styles. Read more about our product families, and what kind of products are included to them. Do you find your own favourite?




ART products represent the latest trends from abroad and domestically. Their impressive design combined with innovative solutions make it possible to offer products that cannot be found on nearby markets. The ART product family includes all top novelties from near and far.


ART product selection:

ART Interior Wall Panels

ART Interior Panels

ART Interior Veneers

ART Structure Panels

ART Interior Mouldings

“AitoTunne” RealFeel Baseboards





Maler products provide solutions for many different interior styles. The product family includes both contemporary novelties as well as timeless classics of the past. The broad product range has a solution for every design site.


Maler product selection:

Maler MDF Interior Panels

Maler Wooden Interior Panels

Maler Interior Mouldings




The Smart product range has been designed for the cost-conscious builder. Smart products offer cost-effective solutions for our clients while maintaining a high level of quality. The product range is timeless in style.


Smart product selection:

Smart MDF Interior Panels

Smart Wooden Interior Panels

Smart Interior Mouldings





In our SPA product range, you can find moisture-resistant mouldings and panels. The products’ raw materials have been separately tested to meet requirements set for wet rooms.

The MDF-based SPA products can be used in normal indoor bathroom, toilet, dressing room and utility room premises.

The wood-based SPA products are suitable for wet rooms as well as sauna rooms.


SPA product selection:

SPA MDF Interior PAnels

Tuhti SPA Interior Panels

SPA Wooden Interior Panels

SPA Interior Mouldings