Attachment clip

Finished result using Maler attachment clips

Before installation

  • Maler attachment clips is targeted for baseboards with attachment groove.
  • The attachment clip folds for both inner and outer corners.
  • You can, of course, install baseboards also traditionally with nails or screws.
  • General installation instructions of baseboards can be found here .

Installation instruction

  1. Cut and mitre the baseboards of one room to the dimensions you need. Mark the positions of attachment clips to the wall about 50 cm apart.
  2. If the wall has curvature, mark the deepest points of the wall for attachment clips using a darby float or spirit.
  3. Saw a 20 mm mounting piece from the molding. Insert the mounting piece in the middle of the attachment clip, allowing you to attach the clip on both sides.
  4. Take into account the baseboard connections and room corners so that each connection point has a attachment clip.
  5. Attach the attachment clips s to the points you marked on the wall. For fastening, use screws or for stone walls use nail plugs.
  6. Press the baseboard firmly to the attachment clips so that the clips snap into the groove on the back of the moulding.


Architraves with attachment grooves should be installed in the same way.


Download PDF-file:

Installation of Attachment clips